[ACTUAL PLAY] Kingdom Death: Monster – People of the Stars; Lantern Years 21-25; Ends of Empire

Aido, Anro, Angripede, and their newest arrival in the settlement, a man made of clay, Aura, headed out to hunt, seeking a great lion, the largest possible. They knew that to stalk such a beast they must become its prey. The sounds of the White Lions in heat sent  shiver through them. The very darkness clung to them, a clammy heat that sapped them of strength. And then with luck they found a lion club and slew it, drawing the attention of the largest female lion any of them had faced.

Look at the counters on that beast, but the survivors made short work of it.

The next lantern year approached, and the settlement set to work on the tomb for their Tyrant lord. A massive construction that involved back breaking work. And for this work they were gifted a Hazmat Shield.
Anabraxas, Ammut, Apalala and Anata Deva set out to hunt a Phoenix, intent on slaughtering the creature in order to created a Rainbow Katana. On their journey they encountered a Mask Salesman, and in exchange for a White Lion Mask, Anabraxas sold his name, and became Nemean Orichalcum. Journeying on, they came upon a river of glowing blood, felt time flow backwards and unmake their leather shield, and heard the bellowing of Gorm’s laughter.

That is one dead phoenix as lucky critical hits rend the beast apart.

Another year of back breaking work and the tomb of the Tyrant grew big and grand. But those sent out to fight took the blessing of the Tyrant and prepared to defend the settlement against one of the most brutal foes they had ever faced. The Hand. The luck bestowed by the Tyrant enabled the survivors, all who bore a white aura thanks to benefit of having all affinities enabling iridescent hide armour. But, no matter how hard they fought, and their one opportunity to land significant hits, the Hand brutally killed Anata Deva, Apalala, Anro and Angripede.
The final hunt had come, as the tomb stands complete, and the Tyrant looks upon those who do not bare a constellation, and with a sense of pride these survivors all fell dead. Aida, Aapep, Ammut and Aido headed out on one last hunt, seeking what they could from the Antelope. Along the hunt they easily dealt with the seething mass of ticks. Aapep found on the ground a strange pulsing stone heart. Following the migrating antelope, and following the river they found the beast and battle commenced, with Aida landing a killing blow, slicing the beast’s neck open.

Death blow!

Doomsday has arrived, and the Tyrant shifted his form and became the towering Dragon King. His heart pulsed with the heat of a thousand suns. The eerie green glow illuminating the settlement. Aida Hwedo, Aapep, Ammut and Aido Wedo, stood before their lord, ready to perform their duty, to kill a god and in turn ascend to the heavens themselves. Aapep, a master of the spear, bore the celestial spear and hazmat shield, ready to face the behemoth.

Everywhere the monster trampled it turn stone to molten lava, able to send the warrior flying with but a flick of a finger, or sweep of a tail. With careful planning the survivors were able to whittle away the titanic monster. Bearing beacon shield and as much armour as possible the other survivors barely survived the searing nuclear blasts from the beast. But not all could survive, as Aida had his head melted away. Aapep herself was sent hurtling into the heavens only to land with a bone splintering crash. But her shield allowed her to weather the blasts of energy. Time and again the waves of energy were absorbed by the shield. Aapep acted as decoy, but together the hunters slew the dragon.

With the dragon dead, the survivors lifted the body and took it to the tomb, and together ate its heart. They felt a boiling heat within and crumbled to ash, only to rise again.

The End.

So the People of the Stars campaign is an epic way to play through Kingdom Death, punctuated with dramatic battles against the Tyrant himself, and finally with the Dragon King. The main aspect of this campaign that shines through is the focus on making some spic survivors and from them creating bloodlines that means that you can preserve and fast track survivors towards becoming survivors with constellations. I would have loved to have obtained more of the constellations, as I only got Storm three times and the Sculptor once, but those were really strong to have. I can’t wait to play this campaign again, and swap out some of the quarries.

Right time for a new campaign.



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