Monolith at UKGE

Monolith Board Games have successfully produced two massive miniatures games. The one is the Conan board game, and the other is Mythic Battles Pantheon.


Both games feature high quality miniatures, card components and boards. Conan aims to recreate the adventures of the barbarian, and where players take on the roles of Conan and his entourage, while another player takes on the array of minions and enemies that Conan and the others must face.

Now much like Kingdom Death, Conan has suffered from some critique of the model designs when it comes to women, the difference being Kingdom Death made models that were not part of the game and were explicitly pin up models. Conan of course aims to recreate characters from the novels, which of course were not very progressive.


Mythic Battles Pantheon, made between Monolith and Mythic Battles, lets players take the role of armies of gods and titans leading warriors of mythic Greece, and monsters of legend. Unlike other wargames, Pantheon makes use of battle mats with zones marked upon them, much like GW’s game Deathwatch: Overkill.

So following on from these Monolith is developing the Batman Board Game. Knight Models of course make the skirmish wargame, so the question is, what is Monolith bringing to the game that is different?





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