[review] Urban Matz – Cobble Stone


War gaming requires space, and in this day and age, space, or at least the cost of living space, has increased, leaving people stuck for room for a permanent gaming table. Classically cigar box fabric prints have existed for war gaming, which can be rolled out and upon which battle can commence. In recent years though we have had more options, and one of these options was pvc sheets, and the other has been mousemat material. The advantage of the latter is the weight that means it lies flat like a fabric sheet, and yet is heavy enough to not be easily lifted and tugged. The softness of the material also means models that fall over are unlikely to get scratched.


I already own one such mat, made by Deep Cut Studios, which is an excellent Mars surface that I use for my desert terrain, and also for my more urban underhive gaming. I also have some more generic green flocked 2 foot square perspex boards by Eslo scenery, which are nice.


This new sheet is just as good as the Deep Cut Studio mat, and came in a carry bag. The print is a cobble stone effect, which features patches of dirt, manhole covers, or other small features. What is important about the print, is that it is a high resolution, and good colour saturation. Furthermore, the print is not repetitive. Examples I have seen for similar prints suffer from copy and paste, where the print has clear lines where the print ends and the next periodic image of the print begins. That I find really screws with the overall look.

The mats are not cheap, but the portability and easy of storage means you can have a great looking table in no time.

Guess I need to play some Mordheim then, or fight for the city of Corvis in Warmachine.



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