[painting corner] Death Rattle Undead

So I couldn’t just leave it at the Tzeentch Cult. I needed a warband for them to fight over that cool graveyard. And so I got some skeleton warriors and a wight lord.


First stop, texture. Using some crackle mediums and a textured one (you can get from Games Workshop) I had the models ready.

19989672_10159028054010471_807669230273257418_n (1).jpg

As always a zenithal prime was applied, and then, spray from below, a mahogany colour, with progressive highlighting using bone and then white. This provides the base colours, onto which a green green glaze was applied. This is what gives us a nice ethereal look.

20046535_10159034808235471_473368394924507672_n (1).jpg

Highlighting of the bone used a white glaze, with a black wash applied to deepen the shadows, and final solid white highlights. Metals used a texture paint, Typhus Corrosion by GW, that was then drybrushed over using Scale 75 Mars Orange. This is what gives us the rust effect on the metallics.

19598674_10159039571395471_2552316952771914494_n (1).jpg

The wight lord followed the same scheme, but with some red glazes on the tunic, and the contrasting bronze of the crown.

The finished look is one that is much more subdued in colours compared to the Tzeenth warband, but still stands out well due to the contrasting colours and bone white.




– Chris


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