[PAINTING CORNER] Crypt Flayers and More!

Aug 16 2017_1.jpg

Back again with an update. Recently for Darker Days Radio, one of our hosts, Chigg, was at Gencon and was able to record some of the panels by Onyx Path Publishing and White Wolf.

Also at Gencon, the game I co-designed, Noble Armada 3rd edition, was on sale in hard copy and being demoed. I would have loved to have been there to demo the game, and talk to some of the guys.

So as a bit of distraction I have been painting.

Priming, basecoats and basing is done.

Washes (fyi most of the paints used come from the Scale 75 Unnatural Flesh set).

Inks are added to deepen the darkest shadows. Highlighting also begins.

The final touches of using oranges in the furs help unify the Crypt Flayers with the other undead.

That is not everything I have been working on.

I finally got around to painting the Skorne starter battle group for MK3.

Note the Titan Gladiator on the right is the one I painted over 4 years back. So I tried to make my new stuff to fit in with the old.

The Skorne Desert Hydra is a huge model. But also a real arse to clean up, put together, and paint, as you need to get all the necks to stand out.

I also got an Archidon for my Skorne and got that painted up with patterns based on real lizards.

I of course save my pro-painting for Kingdom Death. This is the Warlord that James gave me, done using non-metallic metals.

Also using my Lantern armour kit, and the helm from the Flower Knight set, is this figure I put together.



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