Where Have We Been?

Sorry for the lack of updates here. What have we been up to? Warmachine and Hordes, Guild Ball, Kingdom Death, and more. Of course we have some WoD/CofD podcast lined up, but time for some fun pictures.

I finally got the Mason’s team from the boxed game of Guild Ball painted. Nothing special, but they look the part.


Brand new survivors made using all the kits for Kingdom Death that I have (though the guy at the back is a resin model James gave me). These guys got featured on Geek and Sundry.



We also recently interviewed Adam Poots about designing Kingdom Death.

While I was in Barcelona on a conference for work (doing science is good for travelling) meant I was able to pick up a new unit for my Riff for Fallen Frontiers – The Berserkers.



Warmachine and Hordes has been pretty fun recently, as I learn to use the Gators some more, facing down gargantuans, and trying out the new theme forces. Can’t wait to try the new slaver force for Skorne where I can take Minion beasts as Skorne beasts.


I’m going to take the dive into the Batman Miniatures Game by Knight Models, what with the 2nd edition now out and new resin starter sets. So what is my gaming table going to be? Why the sewers and vaults under Arkham Asylum (all created using Terraclips).



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