Hidden Agendas – A Guild Ball League Experience

So for the last few weeks I have been playing at my local gaming store Guild Ball. The games have all formed part of the Escalation League that you can get hold of or get your store to pick up. Essentially over the course of the league you grow the size of the games, from simple 3v3 matches, all the way to full scale teams. The league also differs where winning the league is not based on who wins the most matches! (good for me since I have not won a single match so far!) Instead in each game players are dealt a number of “Hidden Agenda” cards, that net you Hidden Agenda points. These cards rely on you performing actions in a particular way to win the points, like kicking the ball off the pitch, or scoring a screamer. The benefit of this system is that is helps players learn all aspects of the game, but without the feeling that doing so will hinder them winning the league.

Overall it has been a great experience as I have learnt lots about how to use my Morticians team, and the great things is every player is bringing painted teams to the games.

It would be a real boon to new players to replicate this system for other games, so watch this space for when we start a Warmachine and Hordes journeyman league.

– Chris


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