[BATTLE REPORT] Shooting Gators in a Barrel

Nothing like getting in a nice relaxed game of Warmachine and Hordes. More so when I have invested a lot of time to get together a great table of desert terrain perfect for a lot of war games.

Mark 3 Warmachine and Hordes I feel has really been a great update, refocusing the game on what was always at the heart of it – beasts and robots.

Into this battle, given my mate, Alex, has his stuff in storage right now, were two armies I own. Gatormen and Cygnar. In particular the Gatorman army was led by Bloody Barnabas, a 2 posses of Gatormen (since the update they now boast Tough), a bunch of warbeasts (damn I love this edition and the benefit of taking lots of these monsters), and something really really big – a Meat Thresher.

Alex was using my themed Cygnar army – Sons of Tempest! Sons of Tempest is a mean army to face, consisting of Gun Mages, Gun Mages, and more Gun Mages. Led by Lieutenant Caine, with plenty of warjacks with guns. Big guns too. The real kicker is that the Gun Mage units get the benefit of Combined Ranged attack – a significant bonus when such a light armoured, gun line army needs to face some big machines and beasties.

The mission, Close Quarters, was to capture the flags and hold them – or of course kill the enemy caster first. Given my lack of ranged weapons I really needed to close the distance and get in combat. Easier said than done. The Gators, with their prayers, had the benefit of concealment, and the Thresher charged forward. It wasn’t long before almost every big gun in range was battering the Thresher, but not before it did some damage on the Black 13th.

In retaliation Caine ran out and used his feat, and became a spinning malestrom of gun fire, though many of the shots failed to hurt the Gatormen.

With the Tempest Blazers racing forward on their horses the Black Hide Wrastler and Feral Geist charged forward and ripped apart two of their number. The Gatormen, urged on by the prayers of their Bokors, raced forward over the dunes and gobbled up Gun Mages and the Blackhide Wrastler threatened the Gun Mages on the hill (having weathered the thunderous shots of the Avenger).

With the Gators threatening all the army, Alex essentially fired everything he had at Barnabas. A shot by the Avenger on the Wrastler also knocked down Barnabas (I was far too aggressive in getting Barnabas that far forward), and combined ranged attacks from the Gun Mages, Caine, and his Charger and Ace, blasted the Gatorman Warlock apart.

So overall what did we learn?

The theme force for the Gun Mages makes you basic unit an amazing threat vs high armour units finally.

Gatormen need to act as a tar pit and skirmish screen and soak up the shots.

I really need to throw that Wrastler with the Blindwalker to get that extra distance.

Knockdown with Barnabas’ feat is great fun – but crap against gun line armies.

That Meat Thresher should have sat on the first flag and drawn the enemy in and then charged forward from there. Oh well, but it did soak up a lot of damage.

Never commit to far forward with a caster, and certainly not so the enemy can ping shots of an easy target onto your head. Bugger.


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