[PAINTING CORNER] Guild Ball Ratcatchers Team

Guild Ball is a nice little game – little because it requires little setup and few models – and as they inch closer to “Season 4” and updates to current teams, they have begun to release the minor Guild teams. Plot wise the minor Guilds are a reaction to the change in position of the Union, and the minor Guilds act as a source of players for the major Guilds. Thus the Morticians, a major Guild, can now some of the players from the new minor Guild, the Ratcatchers, and vice versa.

So as a Mortician’s player, I of course picked up the Ratcatchers, and sat down for a weekend of painting.


From left to right was have Skulk, Miasma, Scourge at the back, squeak, Piper, and Pelage. Of course in the set (which is a very mice plastic PVC – PP take note!), we have a goal maker (the sewer outlet), some fast ground terrain, and a little football made from a rat.


–  Chris


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