[PAINTING CORNER] Necromunda Underhive – Van Saar + Terrain

This is just a quick example of how I have painted my Van Saar this Bank Holiday Monday at the start.

First off zenithal prime the models. All paints are Scale 75 Fantasy and Games range unless noted otherwise.

The base coat of the armour is Hastur Purple, with Mayhem Red, and then Baal Crimson. All by airbrush.

The armour is washed with Arbuckles Brown.

The skin is Harvester Flesh, washed with Braineater Azure, then highlighted with Harvester Flesh, Moon Ray Flesh, and Purity White.

The guns and equipment is Rlyeh Grey, Wash with Decay Black, and highlights with Miskatonic Grey. The energy glow is Hiril Blue, washed with Hudra Blue, and a highlight with Purity White.

Metallic bits use P3 Pig Iron, and a wash of Citadel Agrax Earthshade. The bases use the same, and Scale 75 Mars Orange for the rust. A final highlight of Tiamat Orange for the rust and on the edges of the armour plates.

Other elements are the pipes in a green plus a few other details here and there.

Now about that terrain. Finally painted the bulkheads etc of my boxed game. Dead easy paint scheme. Black basecoat, dry brush on P3 Pig Iron, dry brush on Scale 75 Mars Orange, glaze Scale 75 Goblin Flesh for the lamps, and paint on thick Vallejo Model Colour Fluorescent Green.


Come back soon for my Necromunda review, as my campaign at the FLGS will be over and I can give a good review of the game and expansions.

– Chris


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