New Qiao Powers for World of Darkness: Demon Hunter X

Today Darker Days Radio is pleased to share three new Qiao for World of Darkness: Demon Hunter X, written by Discord user and friend of the show, T. J. Wilson, aka under_a_bridge! These powers come from a previous Shih-themed chronicle that T.J. ran.

The Qiao of the Seal, Breath, and Exalted State represent a nice expansion to the existing power set of the Shih, providing expanded tactical options, combat options, and versatility, respectively. As usual, these free mechanics are great for storytellers that want to expand their antagonist and keep their players on their toes, and also great for players looking to expand their character options (with storyteller approval, of course).

Qiao of the Seal

Specialized rituals and formal declarations are the hallmark of the Bridge of Seals, barring and binding the Shen. All rituals take at least 15 minutes to prepare and last until the next sunrise or sunset, whichever comes first.

Defense of the Shrine

This ritual prevents a Shen from physically breaking into a structure, creating an invisible, impenetrable Chi-fueled barrier around the structure.

System: The Shih purifies the area for ten minutes, spends one point of Chi, and rolls Intelligence + Occult at a difficulty set by the size of the structure. Each success increases the difficulty of any shen attempting to break in through any means by one.

Single Room6
Small House7
Average Home8

⚫⚫ Bar the Beast

The Shih taps into the ancient art of brush, letter, and word, employing a ward to bar or deter Shen from entering.

System: The Shih walks around the area to be warded and spends one Willpower point. At the conclusion of the ritual, roll Intelligence + Occult using the same difficulty as Defense of the Shrine. The ward lasts until sunrise or sunset, whichever comes first. Any Shen attempting to enter must make a Willpower roll and exceed the Shih’s number of successes to enter. If the Shen does enter, mortals in their presence become uneasy, resulting in +1 difficulty on all the Shen’s Social rolls.

⚫⚫⚫ Cleanse the Mind

Often those who view the battles of Shih cannot come to grips with the truth of the world and develop derangements over time.  A Shih with this can use the calming power of Yin to seal them away.

System: The Shih locks eyes with the mortal in question and spends one Yin Chi, any memories made in the last day of the supernatural fade away, as the unknown is rationalized away. For an additional Willpower point a victim suffering a Derangement loses it for the scene.

⚫⚫⚫⚫ Demand of Attendance

Learning the name of an enemy, a Shih may call upon universal truths to draw the Shen to a battlefield of their choosing.

System: The character spends 2 Willpower and a point Yang Chi and rolls Manipulation + Expression at a difficulty 8 writing a formal challenge to the Shen as well as naming a place and a time for the encounter. The message is burned and appears before the named monster. If the Shen can, they must appear or make a Willpower roll at difficulty 8 to overcome the Shih’s demand and suffer the Shih’s successes as unsoakable lethal damage.

⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫ Seal of the Final Reckoning

A Shih consecrates a battlefield and nothing can escape it within or without. Many Shih consider this a last resort as they too are bound by the magic. The final step in the prevention of damaging battles, this blessing renders weapons and aggression useless. Within the confines of the ward, mortals and Shen alike become semi-corporeal, allowing physical weapons to pass through them harmlessly, allowing a final negotiation. If the Shen cannot be taught the ways of balance, they shall face a final reckoning. 

System: A Shih spends 2 Yin and 2 Willpower and rolls Willpower. At anytime within a year that the Shih and one or more Shen enter the area, the Shih can speak a word and the ritual takes hold. A curtain of mist radiates outward, turning the inhabitants semi-transparent. Attacks caused by blades, claws, fists, fire, or other manner of physical weapons do not cause health levels of damage. No one can exit or enter the area or cross into otherworldly realms without the psychic permission of the Shih. With a second word, the Shih will resolidify themselves and the Shen, beginning either their final confrontation or a bow of mutual respect. The blessing ends when one of the Shih who placed the seal or the creature he named is incapacitated, or if the Shih speaks a third word to end the ritual.

1Single Room, 20 ft.
3Estate, 100 ft
5City Block

Qiao of the Breath

By harnessing their spirit the Shih can unleash devastating attacks against the Shen at great personal risk. The damage of such attacks are equal to the Virtue rating from which the Chi was drawn.

Arc of the Soul

In a crude technique, the Shih focuses their Chi through a limb and sends out an ephemeral blast.

System: Shih spends one Yin Chi, one Yang Chi, or one of each for a single attack and rolls Dexterity + Firearms with a range of 50 feet. If one Chi is spent, the attack does Lethal damage. If 2 Chi is spent, the damage is Aggravated.

⚫⚫ Chi Shell

This gives a Shih an additional layer of armor as a translucent manifestation of Chi hardens over their skin.

System: Chi Shell may be used reflexively whenever a Shih must make a Soak roll. Spending one Yin Chi adds Armor Rating equal to the Shih’s Self-Control Virtue. In addition, the Shih may spend one Yang Chi allows the Shih’s Chi Shell Armor Rating to soak all forms of Aggravated damage, not just claws and fangs. Chi Shell has no Armor Penalty. The Chi Shell lasts for the remainder of the scene.

⚫⚫⚫ Flesh to Flame

A combination of the previous two techniques, the Shih exhales a layer of destructive Chi that dances along the surface of their body.

System: The Shih spends 1 Yang to create the destructive flame. Any time the Shih is struck barehanded the attacked takes the Shih’s Courage in Aggravated damage after the attack resolves (The Attacker may roll to Soak as normal).  When a metal melee weapon successfully hits the Shih, roll a die after Damage is resolved. On a Failure, the weapon is warped or splintered and may not be used again until repaired. Flesh to Flame lasts a number of turns equal to the Shih’s Courage Virtue.

⚫⚫⚫⚫ Forge of the Soul

When ambushed or captured a Shih may not rely on their ancestral weapons. Their body must become a forge, as the breath in their lungs extrudes a weapon from their mouth.

System:  Shih spends one Yang Chi & one Willpower point to summon a magic melee weapon. The weapon does Strength dice of aggravated damage. The Shih  may spend an additional Willpower point when summoning the weapon to bind their soul to the weapon, adding +2 dice to the damage rolls. The weapon lasts a number of turns equal to the Shih’s Courage Virtue.

⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫ Chi Eruption

This horrific attack is rightly feared by many Shen.  It releases all of the Chi in the Shih’s body causing terrible damage to those around her. Afterward the Shih will be virtually helpless and may do little more than crawl.

System: The demon hunter must have at least 3 Chi of any type within them. The Shih spends one Willpower point and all remaining Chi points. The Shih rolls Self-Control + Courage in unsoakable aggravated damage against everyone in a twenty foot radius, excluding themselves. The Shih must immediately roll Self-Control or lose one dot of Humanity. A botch gains a permanent dot of P’o. Until the Shih can rest and regain Shih, they suffer a -2 penalty to all rolls.

Qiao of the Exalted State

This magic allows the Shih to mimic the gifts of Shen – pushing their bodies beyond human limitations.

Assuming the Hunt

By shifting the flows of Chi through the Shih’s senses they are heightened to a superlative degree.

System: This functions identically to the Auspex Discipline Heightened Senses (as per rules in Vampire: the Masquerade), however a Shih may spend one point of Yang to bring a sense to superhuman degrees – reducing the difficulty of all Perception rolls utilizing the sense by 2 for the remainder of the scene.

⚫⚫ Blood of Stone

Internal alchemy purges the demon hunters of illness and poisons of all kinds.

System: A Shih who becomes ill or is exposed to poisons, toxins, or Shen inflicted poisons can spend one Yin  and make a Stamina + Medicine roll at a Difficulty 6 for most natural illnesses and non-lethal poisons, Difficulty 7-8 for life-threatening illnesses and lethal poisons, and Difficulty 9 for supernatural or immediately deadly poisons and illness. This cannot reverse terminal illness nor deadly toxins such as radiation exposure.

⚫⚫⚫ Monkey Leap

Sometimes it is better to run than fight, better to leap than wait.

System: The character spends one Yang Chi and rolls Strength + Athletics (difficulty 8) multiplying their leaps and running speed by the successes for the scene. If they are distracted – such as attacking or being attacked the power ends.

⚫⚫⚫⚫ Body like Water

The Chi moves and the body follows – the Shih moves out of danger with such speed they leave a brief after image behind them.

System: The character spends one Chi and gains a number of free Dodge actions equal to the Virtue of the Chi spent. These can be used reflexively, even against attacks or circumstances the character was not aware of. If they are not all utilized by the end of the scene, any extra actions are lost.

⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫ God Grasping Might

In a superlative display of power the Shih floods their body with Chi giving them deific display of power. This surging might allows a Shih to lift, throw, hold, and break things many times the demon hunter’s size.

System: The Shih spends one Yin Chi and one Yang Chi and rolls Strength + Athletics (difficulty 6). Each success rolled provides and equal number of automatic successes on any feats of strength for the remainder of the scene. This includes both throwing and contested rolls against a Clinch (although not to damage rolls).

Want more Demon Hunter X? Check out Darker Days Radio #113 or pick up the sourcebook at DriveThruRPG!

Want to talk to under_a_bridge about World of Darkness goodness? Follow them on Twitter or hit them up on the Darker Days Discord!

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