#114: World of Darkness Demon Hunter X Character Creation and Hot Takes


Chris makes a character for Demon Hunter X – a tough Strike Force Zero operative based off Major Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell. Mike and Chigg tag along for color commentary, and also discuss a few cool additional rules for Shih and SF0 characters alike.

Check out the Darker Days Blog for a copy of this episodes character sheet!

Time Stamps:
00:01:38 – News
00:03:00 – Demon Hunter X Character Creation

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Links For This Episode:  
Midnight Express Podcast: http://midnightexpress.podbean.com/
The Effekt Podcast: https://www.effektpodcast.org/
Darker Days Discord: https://discord.gg/GGuRKAn
New Qiao Powers for Demon Hunter X: https://darkerdaysradio.wordpress.com/?p=2971

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