[BATREP] Shadows of Commorragh – The sweetness of revenge

“Well, my fiends, it seems they are at each other again. This time we wait, wait till they are weak, wait till they are at each other, and then strike! This is our time for blood, our hunt will succeed. Today, we shall celebrate their pain, their deaths and our cuts.” Kaerithir, licks her lips in anticipation and pats Zendril’s tail, feeling the Ssylth quiver under her touch, eager for the fight.

Dramatis Personae

The Shards of the Splintered Heart:
Kaerathir: Hekatrix, Leader
Zendril: Ssylth
Mazrayth: Kabilite Gunner, Dark Lance, Sniper
De’rashi: Wytch fighter, Hydra Gauntlets, Combat
Tagashys: Kabilite Warrior, Comms
Combat drugs: Grave Lotus

The Bleaksouls:
Morghdrax Bleaksoul: Hekatrix, Leader
Ravneth: Wych Fighter, Combat
Lakbyrn the Parched: Wych Fighter, Scout
Bahreneq: Wych Fighter, Hydra Gauntlets, Zealot
Jaenis: Wych
Yariaq: Wych
Combat drugs: Serpentin

The Void Phoenixes:
Excrucia: Leader
Uless: Banshee
Thresyn Neverbreath: flamer
Fachean: Storm Guardian
Jair: Comms, Defender with scanner
Halt’har: Guardian Defender
Bhanlhar: weapons platform

Whilst The Bleaksouls edged towards those who don’t belong, scared of a little fire, Kaerithir, Zendril and De’rashi moved towards the webway gates, getting ready to join the fight at the opportune moment.

Tagashys, went to lend her comms support to Mazrayth, who was steadying his dark lance on a broken.

“Today, my friend, we shall mark our pray, and we shall cull those who don’t belong.” Mazrayth growls at Tagashys and she climbs up next to him. He takes aim, but waits for the right time to strike. There have been too few deaths from the dark energies recently, and another life not lost is not a result he is willing to accept.

His patience pays off as Morghdrax exits a webway gate looking slightly confused as to why they are now out in the open. He jumps to cover from those who don’t belong, failing to realise that Mazrayth has a perfect shot. Before he can take aim, Morghdrax is charged by Excrucia. A better target, those who don’t belong shall feel the dark. But he was enjoying the sight of the fight for a little too long and the impatient Zendril charges through the gateway and engages, quickly followed by De’rashi who looked eager for the fight but annoyed at the Ssylth for getting their quicker.

Blades flashed, and Uless seems to stumble. “Now the dark comes!” Mazaryth fires, and Uless disappears into darkness, certain the power he has unloaded into it which doesn’t belong, it must be dead. However, a strange glow radiates in the dark and Uless is still standing, a Rune of Ynnead glowing on its armour. Mazaryth screams in frustration.

During the confusion of the fight and dark lance shot, Lakbyrn had managed to sneak round and join in. Just before Zendril could land a killing blow on Excrucia, having played a 1000 cuts on her, Lakbryn slides a knife between her ribs.

Uless, the weak soul, scared by the fall of her leader, runs. Mazrayth laughs as the sight and takes aim. An easy shot in the back of a fleeing fool. The dark engeries scream forward and engulf Uless as she reaches the stairs. A hand reaches up towards Jair pleading for help. “Too late you fool, you are not welcome in our realm.” Mazaryth smiles and the body disintegrates.

He follows the outstretched with his sight and spies another who doesn’t belong, terror on their face as the witness the souls leaving and the death of their friend. Mazaryth’s grin widens, and he takes aim. 

Zendril, having lost the last kill, launches itself at Morghdrax, blades silently cutting through the air. Morghdrax is caught of guard trying to chase down Uless, and impaled. A loud screech can be heard coming from behind Zendril’s mask, its way of showing pleasure.

Kaerathir hears this and tries to join in, but is jumped by 3 Bleaksouls looking for a quick revenge for the fall of their leader. A quick flick of her cloak in the face of one puts them off balance and she slips a blade into their throat. She dances away quickly before the other two can land a strike.

After the death of Morghdrax, Lakbyrn decides its time to cut his losses. A quick strike at De’rashi takes her out and he tries to flee. Zendril, now with the scent of blood on its sword leaps after him. A quick flurry of blows leaves them at a standstill.

A final crack of dark energy is heard over the Sorrowshards, and a final scream from those who don’t belong as Jair is swallowed by the dark light.

With too many losses and the threat of the dark lance, Zendril and Kaerathir being to great, those who don’t belong flee! The Bleaksouls also seek an escape having failed to capture anyone or anything.

“THE HUNT IS OURS!” Screams Kaerathir. Howls from the Shards can be heard echoing throughout the Sorrowshards. “The blood flows, and we shall drink heavy of it now. We shall rid this place of those who don’t belong and regain our place. The Shards shall rise!”

My luck seemed to have turned in this game. Though none of us scored any victory points for the scenario, I certainly managed to get back some souls I have failed to get in previous games. And finally the dark lance killed something! It killed 2! And rolled 6 damage each time…I felt a little weird actually killing things for once. But another good game. Only 2 more left in the campaign.

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