[BATREP] Shadows of Commorragh – Thirst for Souls

“My fellow hunters, today we wait, today we ambush. Those of the Bleaksouls are on the move. They think they can take what belongs to us. Souls, a well of souls. We shall deny them and take the souls for ourselves. We shall rise again my kin.” Kaerathir intoned to her pack. Zendril’s tail quivered in anticipation, and Mazrayth grin widened at the thought of the deaths he was going to bring from the gloom.

Dramatis Personae

The Shards of the Splintered Heart:
Kaerathir: Hekatrix, Leader
Zendril: Ssylth
Mazrayth: Kabilite Gunner, Dark Lance, Sniper
De’rashi: Wytch fighter, Hydra Gauntlets, Combat
Tagashys: Kabilite Warrior, Comms
Combat drugs: Splintermind

The Bleaksouls:
Morghdrax Bleaksoul: Hekatrix, Leader
Ravneth: Wytch Fighter, Combat
Lakbyrn the Parched: Wych Fighter, Scout
Bahreneq: Wytch Fighter, Hydra Gauntlets, Zealot
Jaenis: Wytch
Yariaq: Wytch
Combat drugs: Grave Lotus

Mazrayth took up position on the ruins and waited patiently, Tagashys hunkered down next to him scanning the open landscape in front of them. This was prime hunting ground, for to get to the souls the Bleaksouls would have to cross their line of fire. Today was going to be a good hunt.

Kaerathir, Zendril and De’rashi crept forward to get ready to pounce on any Bleaksouls trying to hide.

The old story teller Labyrn tried to sneak forward towards the Sorrowshards and the souls trapped within. Tagashys tacked him and guided Mazrayths shot. Out of the ruins dark light shot forward and hit Lakbyrn and his body disappeared in the darkness of the blast.

Seeing their scout and story keeper disappear, the Bleaksouls took to the shadows and ran to cover like the cowards they are. Kaerathir stood in the viridian gloom, and watching them cower, a rictus smile crossing her face.

The Bleaksouls Hekatrix Morghdrax, thinking she was safe tried to swing quickly round the Sorrowshards, however Tagashys was tracking her. Another nod to Mazrayth and Morghdrax was lost. The hunt was turning to a slaughter, and Mazrayth was in his element.

The toll Mazrayth and his dark lance were taking on the Bleaksouls forced them to change tactics. Moving around the Sorrowshards in the opposite direction, they charged into Kaerathir, De’rashi and Zendril. The combat was fast and deadly, blades flashed in the viridian gloom. It moved and spun and separated as De’rashi made a leap for the Sorrowshards. This was enough distraction for Zendril to make a killing blow, Bahreneq taking a blade to the spine.

Kaerathir moved up onto the Sorrowshards, Ravneth was surrounded. Desperate shots and slashes were tried, but in the desperation no one was able to penetrate anyone’s defenses. Ravneth proving her skills as a combat specialist.

Yariaq tried to use a Webway Portal to ambush Mazrayth but luck was still with the sniper as Yariaq became lost in the labyrinthine sub-dimensions. As he stepped out he found himself in the wrong area and out of the fight.

Jaenis had somehow managed to sneak past all the shards and made it to the ruins where Tagashys and Mazrayth were taking their dark toll of souls. However upon hearing the death screams of Bahreneq, seeing Ravneth surrounded and knowing that Yariaq was lost from the fight, she realised the fight was lost. The Bleaksouls fled cursing the day they became the prey to the hunt.

“Flee you cowards, you are no better than those who don’t belong. This is our playground, and the hunt is ours!” Kaerathir laughed as she watched The Bleaksouls slink back into the darkness from where they came.

Well this was a brutal game and finally my dark lance did what it was meant to do. The lack of LoS blocking terrain and a few silly tactical errors in that regard from Saul meant the the dark lance was dominating. Also, the ssylth are friggin hard as well. 4 wounds in KT is hard to get through. Saul did take 3 wounds off it, but wasn’t enough. The story is developing nicely for the Shards and I think I have now worked out how to play the game and roll dice again. To read the other blogs from Saul and Viktor head over to:




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