[Actual Play] Wrath and Glory: Instrumentality Mordent

Chris: Darker Days Radio attended Dragonmeet 2019, and as part of our time there as part of the the Podcast Zone, we ran a quick one-shot of Wrath and Glory. I wrote the scenario, and David ran it for a team of four players, consisting of guests from other social media, and a Cubicle 7 customer. While we did try to record the session, we found the audio to be flawed, and so David has written up how the game played out, and so I will hand over to him from here on out.

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Dramatis Personae:

Interrogator Elisa Davos – Jonathon Syson

Astropath Telia Hareth – Cristian @theprimogen on twitter

Van Saar ganger Razek “Coldfire” Quin – invited player

Ministorum Priest Theodius – Henry from Power Word Roll

On the hive world of Necromunda a team of mercenaries and rogues have arrived at the behest of Inquisitor Deliahus Gwynthe. Their target, a rogue savant and archaeologist, Ursel Winter. Once in the employ of the heretic and seditionist Kaleb Newig of the Newig Combine, the archaeologist knows the whereabouts of the heretic but was caught in possession of proscribed technology, part of an Abominable Intelligence, a thinking machine.

Jailed by the local enforcers and awaiting execution by the Adeputs Mechanicus, Gwynthe seeks the extraction of the savant. Agents of Newig are also on the hunt, looking for the technology and Winter either alive or dead.

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Scene 1: Sector House Kappa-47

The Sector House, located in Danris’ Foundry, is an imposing but squat bunker of steel, topped with watchtowers and auto-cannons. Outside, shackled prisoners are marched to their fates by Enforcers armed with shock mauls and concussion carbines. Modified Taurox armoured trucks are loaded ready for a new patrol to head out to quell another riot in the sector.

Above this chaos, the cadre clings to the outside of the compound, placing blasting charges on the slick and rusting ceramite shell of the prison.

With the concussion of blasting charges detonating the cadre swing into the prison, but a slip from Theodius and a laugh from Razek the priest misses the hole in the wall. On the opposite side of the compound Telia and Elisa rush in, running forwards to the door knowing that speed and aggression in the first few minutes will push the Enforcers to breaking. As the door slides open with a grinding of metal, Elisa brutally opens up with her dual pistols, taking the closing Enforcer with shots to their chest, puncturing the armour and leaving little remaining of their chest cavity as the dum dum rounds shred their insides. Telia follows closely unleashing a torrent of psychic energy, smiting the next Enforcer coming for them, stopping dead in his tracks clutching his head and he starts to bleed from his ears, eyes and nose before collapsing in a heap, dead. Carrying on their forward momentum, Elisa takes shots at the other Enforcers coming round the corner, the glancing blows slowing them down. Telia again smites another, causing one Enforcer to curl up into a ball of pain on the ground, weeping. The Enforcer looks at Elisa and asks for relief, that she is more than happy to part with.

Whilst this is going on, Razek moves in, and tries to open one of the cells, but the blast has caused damage to the systems and the door jams, only opening a few inches. He looks in, seeking help from the prisoners not realising they are crazed worshippers of the damned powers, cannibals and murderers. One runs to the door and tries to grab Razek licking his lips. Razek jumps back just in time, grabbing the outstretched arm of the cultist he jams his las pistol into its armpit, fires, the bolt exiting through the cultists neck. Realising his mistake he leaves the cell, and turns to face the approaching Enforcers firing on him. Angry at the distraction of the cell he unloads his lasgun into the Enforcer at the front, draining his power clip but taking him out.

Telia again opens up her mind to the warp, pushing her powers hard into the mind of another Enforcer. Too hard this time, and the feedback lashes out, everyone in the prison is jolted by a blast of psychic energy, draining them. In the confusion of the blast Elisa is rushed by two Enforcers, knocking her back and unconscious from the exertion of defending herself. In the fall she manages to take out one of the Enforcers with her pistols. The final Enforcer falls to Telias psychic blasts.

Theodius finally manages to climb up into the prison and hastily makes his way forwards, revving his eviscerator. Seeing the cell door slightly ajar and hear the wails of heretics within, he places the flamer into the gap and opens ups. The smell of burning flesh starts to permeate the corridors. A righteous grin on his face he sees Razek about to be rushed by two more Enforcers, and walks up behind the ganger, intoning liturgies of faith. Razek ducks knowing what is about to happen as a burst of flame erupts over his engulfing the enforcers.

With the Enforcers taken care of, Telia helps Elisa to her feet and they make their way to cell C28, where Winter was incarcerated. As they approach, they see Razek and Theodius coming from the other direction. Just before they get to the cell to free Winter sirens begin to wail and warning lights start to flash. With a sound of cascading metal clunks, the prison doors open. Out of the foul-smelling chambers rush out a multitude of hivers, scum, heretics and killers, all intent on freedom and revenge.

A quick glance into C28, they see Winter curled up in a ball, ragged, malnourished and bruised, but safe for the moment. The prisoners rush out of their cells, some seeing the cadre and thinking of a quick easy kill leap forward unaware of what they are facing. The prisoners are cut down in waves of fire from Elisa, Razek, and the righteous flames of Theodius, and bodies start to pile up. Realising the futility of attacking the cadre the remaining prisoners make a break for freedom.

Winter, being terrified of the power he has just witnessed unleashed by his rescuers willingly goes with them, meekly but willing. He tells them that he was awaiting execution for carrying proscribed technology and that he knew Newig was bad news, but the thrill of the search and the lure of the creds were too strong to resist.

Scene 2: Breaching the Wall

The only way up hive and not grabbing the attention others seeking Winter is the maglev. The  station from sector Kappa-47 is bursting with activity as cargo is moved on and off the train, officials moving through, checking loads and signing off data slates. Weapons and munitions are loaded onto the train, raw materials are unloaded to be distributed to the houses in the hive. Cogitators whirr as they authenticate codes and Imperial seals, and tech priests attend to the giant train, whispering to it through their mechanical maws, as if the machine was some tired beast of burden.

Entering the maglev station and making their way to the platform the cadre keep their wits about them. Realising they need to get on the train quickly and quietly they seperate, looking for a way onto the train. Keeping Winter close and hidden. Elisa walks the platform and sees a large man lifting crates onto the maglev, noticing a Aquila tattoo on his bicep, she makes her way over and nods to Telia her target. A quick flash of her Inquisitorial rose and a gentle push from the astropath, the ex Guardsman goes with her.

In the shadows of the platform Elisa asks for help to get on the train. Seeing an opportunity to serve the Emperor again, and eager to please, the Guardsmen asks for 5 minutes, telling Elisa to be ready for the distraction. Elise leaves him and heads back to her cadre telling them to be ready.

5 minutes later, boxes and crates have been piled in a way that would easily hide the cadre as they sneak onto the maglev. A roar of anger can be heard from further down the platform and as they look up they see the Guardsman pushing over an official and screaming at him. Enforcers race towards the altercation and a large grin appears on his face.

During the commotion the cadre manage to sneak onto the maglev and hide behind the crates as they see an Enforcer fly past the door to the carriage. Razek and Theodius move further into the carriage, at the back they find a small, terrified girl curled up, crying and hiding behind rags. She moves further back, trying to meld into the shadows and metal of the carriage as she sees the two approach. Getting no response from the child and her being visibly scared of Theodius and his eviscerator, Razek, sits down just out of her sight, making sure she doesn’t do anything. Theodius starts to examine the crates and boxes.

As the train starts to move off, one of the crates opens. Inside they find lasguns and other items needed for a platoon of Guardsmen. Emptying the crate and realising the lasguns had no power packs they put Winter into the crate. Clearly unwilling and afraid of being locked in, he takes some persuading. Eventually he gets in, mummering and whimpering for a while before he seems to calm down.

Scene 3: Pattern Orpheus

Having escaped the underhive, and now above the Wall, they must get off-world. Waiting in orbit is the Resolute Destrier, Gwynthe’s personal transport with a Glaive-wing orbital lander on board. Getting the lander down without raising suspicion and attracting unwanted attention from the lords and nobles of Necromunda or other interested parties was to prove easier than they thought.

At this altitude, the main avenues and transit routes of the hive are free of the smog and pollution, and more of the hive is exposed to the outer atmosphere. Huge ceramite statues stand glorifying the victories of the Imperial Fist, Lord Helmaw, and the Emperor and a multitude of saints and heroes of the imperium. Citizens at this level are dressed in fine clothes, and enjoy the service of servitors that are bearing chrome and gilt metal work.

Seeing the servitors walking around unloading and loading the train, Razek manages to get one to help them with their own crate. Walking down the platform, looking like they belong, but not trying to draw attention to themselves, they make their way to an astropathic uplink. Unnoticed, Telia manages to access the uplink and call down the Glaive-wing without notice. Though they are given 30 minutes to get to the landing pad 34-X-75-Theta and be ready for a hard fast extraction.

Scene 4: Star Fall

As the Glaive-wing breaks atmosphere and heads to landing pad 34-X-75-Theta, there is a limited window for extraction before planetary security will arrive to shoot it down. The landing pad is one amongst a cluster that protrude from the hive, overhanging the miles-high drop and the noxious atmosphere below.

As the cadre make their way out to the landing pad they are ambushed by the mercenary Celica Qieonus and her gang of hardened killers. Razek recognises her from other jobs he has been on, knowing her as a real psycho merc who loves the hunt and doesn’t care how many she kills on the way. Knowing that she has probably been hired by Newig, Razek motions to Theodius and they make there way around the back of the landing pad to try and sneak up behind the mercs. Elisa and Telia come up the front, seeing some of the mercs making a break to the right next to some barrels. Elisa notes the sign on the barrels as promethean, and so takes aim and shoots them. They erupt in a massive ball of fire engulfing two of the encroaching mercs. Telia opens her mind up to the warp and unleashes her powers on the other merc, melting his brain.

Theodius steps around the corner and unleashes a trail of holy flame towards the merc aiming a heavy stubber at Elisa and Telia. The heat of the flame melts the stubber to the plasteel bulwark it was resting on. Two other mercs are lost in the scorching righteous flame. Razek comes round the corner taking aim at his old nemesis Celica Qieonus, ready to take her down finally. Just before he can take the shot the glaive-wing lands blocking his shot. Celica Qieonus fades into the smoke and disappears.

Elisa opens the crate letting Winter out and escorts him to the lander, safe for the time being.

Epilogue: Storm Breaker

On the Resolute Destrier Elisa is sat reading a play by Reinhold Welspar as her data slate chimes. They were about to translate to the Warp, and so begin their journey through the rift to the Dark Imperium and the Gilead System.


David: This was a great game with a lot of comedy moments that have been dramatised here. I would like to thank the four players for taking part and sorry that the recording didn’t come out great. I would also like to thank All Rolled Up for the awesome podcast zone dice tray and No More Damsels for her X Card and supporting and promoting a welcoming and open community where everyone can play and be who they want to be.

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