Mike bought his first copy of Vampire: the Masquerade in 2004 on the same day Vampire: the Requiem was released, and has enjoyed the diverse storytelling of the World of Darkness and Chronicle of Darkness ever since. In particular, he has written academic papers on the Judeo-Christian eschatological elements of the World of Darkness, and run numerous crossovers between World of Darkness and Chronicles of Darkness games.

Mike works as a civil engineer in the Boston area designing and constructing bridges and earthworks. He is also an enforcer for the PAX gaming conventions, and a host for the Unbuttoned History podcast.




Chris is a computational chemist working in the field of materials science at the University of Sheffield, where he combines machine learning and quantum mechanics to help understand novel battery and solar power materials. He is a longtime wargamer and miniatures painter.

He is also co-developer of FASA’s 3rd edition of Noble Armada (a space ship combat game set in the Fading Suns setting), and freelance writer for the Fading Suns rpg. He has worked recently with Beasts of War, writing articles for their wargames ezine “Reroll” and creating “Let’s Play” videos with them for Kingdom Death: Monster.

Chris has been a fan of the World of Darkness (WoD) game lines for almost two decades, and has played almost every game from WoD and Chronicles of Darkness (CofD). He fully admits to being more of a fan of CofD these days, and has written extensive fan settings for Manchester, UK, and Venice, Italy.





Sam spent her childhood terrified of Dracula before she turned to the dark side and became fascinated by her fears, developing an interest in dark literature and aesthetics. In her late teens she emerged as a goth, to no one’s surprise. She’ll watch any scary movie, including the atrocious ones. She’s not so much a wargamer, preferring forum-based and tabletop roleplay. Other passions are alternative fashion, morbid/medical curios and history.

Her modelling/photography work is largely inspired by horror, occult fantasy and retro erotica. On Darker Days she serves as semi-regular writer and co-host.