Mike bought his first copy of Vampire: the Masquerade in 2004 on the same day Vampire: the Requiem was released, and has enjoyed the diverse storytelling of the World of Darkness and Chronicle of Darkness ever since. In particular, he has written academic papers on the Judeo-Christian eschatological elements of the World of Darkness, and run numerous crossovers between World of Darkness and Chronicles of Darkness games.

Mike works as a civil engineer in the Boston area designing and constructing bridges and earthworks. He is also an enforcer for the PAX gaming conventions, and a host for the Unbuttoned History podcast. He has recently published material for the PIP System by Third Eye Games

Chris is a computational chemist working in the field of materials science at the University of Sheffield, where he combines machine learning and quantum mechanics to help understand novel battery and solar power materials. He is a longtime wargamer and miniatures painter.

He is also co-developer of FASA’s 3rd edition of Noble Armada (a space ship combat game set in the Fading Suns setting), and freelance writer for the Fading Suns rpg. He has worked recently with Beasts of War, writing articles for their wargames ezine “Reroll” and creating “Let’s Play” videos with them for Kingdom Death: Monster. More recently Chris freelances for Cubicle 7, contributing to the Wrath and Glory core book, Warhammer Fantasy RPG, and Soulbound. Chris is also a freelancer for Onyx Path Publishing.

Chris has been a fan of the World of Darkness (WoD) game lines for almost two decades, and has played almost every game from WoD and Chronicles of Darkness (CofD). He fully admits to being more of a fan of CofD these days, and has written extensive fan settings for Manchester, UK, and Venice, Italy.


Sam spent her childhood terrified of Dracula before she turned to the dark side and became fascinated by her fears, developing an interest in dark literature and aesthetics. In her late teens she emerged as a goth, to no one’s surprise. She’ll watch any scary movie, including the atrocious ones. She’s not so much a wargamer, preferring forum-based and tabletop roleplay. Other passions are alternative fashion, morbid/medical curios and history.

Her modelling/photography work is largely inspired by horror, occult fantasy and retro erotica. On Darker Days she serves as semi-regular writer and co-host.

James didn’t get in to horror until university when they were given a pre-generated character for Mage, a Celestial Chorus priest of Dagon. Since then they have begun a slow and meandering journey through horror, catching a lot of the cultural touchstones all out of order.

While their trading card and wargaming has lapsed in recent years they play a lot of boardgames and are always running a Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

Having worked in the video game industry as both a tester and designer James really digs neat mechanics that emphasise theme, well written rules, and figuring how to break them. Currently they’re working on  D&D for the Dungeon Masters Guild

Chigg turned his nose up at the idea of playing a Vampire the first time he heard about the World of Darkness books. The “coming soon” ad in his local gaming store did not interest him at all. You play good guys in RPGs, vampires are bad guys, why would anybody want to play a bad guy? And then the book hit the stands and, out of idle curiosity, he picked it up. And he’s been hooked ever since. 

Though he dabbles in other systems and games as his group demands, he always comes back to his home in the World of Darkness. Mage, Changeling, Werewolf, Vampire… he loves them all (with the exception of Hunter). As listeners have probably noticed over the years, he deeply prefers the lore and setting of the World of Darkness lines, but has been making short forays into the Chronicles of Darkness in recent years.

When not behind a mic or at the gaming table, Chigg works as an IT guy, usually in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas. If you see him around, say hi. He likes it when you say hi.

David is a PhD student, studying the evolution of galaxies and there star formation using advanced hydrodynamical and magnetohydrodynamical simulations. What this basically means is he screams at computers for most of his day as things don’t tend to work.

Outside of University, David runs a miniature painting company, Rising Sun Painting Studios (though he doesn’t seem to get much painting done these days and he’s too busy writing rpg scenarios). He is an avid kitbasher and builds a lot of kill teams for Inq28 style games based in the many different worlds of Warhammer 40k, along with skirmish and WarCry warbands for the many realms of Age of Sigmar. You can see some of his work on his Darker Days Radio blog. More recently David has written for the PIP system for Third Eye Games, and is a freelancer for Cubicle 7 for their Warhammer Fantasy RPG and Soulbound games.

David has been part of the Darker Days Radio demo team for a while, running demos of V5, Wrath and Glory and WHFRP with Chris in Manchester, and is now a host, along with Chris on the new Darkhammer podcast.

Pete is an Operating Room Technician from Melbourne, Australia. When not providing assistance to surgical teams, one of his many hobbies is RPGs. His favourites of which are World of Darkness titles, particularly, Vampire.

Having no time or patience for Edition Wars, Pete strives to promote the positive gaming elements of all the World of Darkness titles, regardless of if their origin was in Classic, New or One World of Darkness. Pete’s love affair with WoD Titles began in 1996 and he’s enjoyed watching the game lines, and the community around them grow and evolve in the time since then.

Recently, Pete has been running V5 demos at Conquest, Arcanacon and PAX AUS conventions in Melbourne, Australia. This trend should continue into 2021 and if you’re at any of those events, please swing by the demo tables and say hello.